Beer at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Collin Christianson - Sales/Cellarman, Mark Mueller - Asst. Brewer and Kyle Koger - Head Brewer


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We continue to gather big wins for our beers! The latest is Best in Show for our Fresh Hop IPA at the 2015 Fresh Hop Festival held in Yakima in October. Kyle and the Brew Team work hard to prepare this special beer ... driving to Yakima in the early hours to collect the fresh hops then rushing back to OSB to get the fresh hops in the tanks right away. The result - the best Fresh Hop ever.

Mark Mueller has joined OSB's Brew Team as a new brewer. Mark recently graduated from Oregon State University where he specialized in the science of fermentation. Welcome Mark!

At our small brewery, we strive to create microbrews that satisfy both the discerning hop heads and those who prefer a lighter taste.  Unique to Winthrop, we are fortunate to be provided with chlorine-free water flowing from the pristine North Cascade mountains.  This clean, uncontaminated water helps enhance the natural flavors of the malts and hops bringing you a superior beer drinking experience.

Available only in the fall:
Fresh Hop IPA

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Our Brewer's Reserve series has been extremely popular. We are brewing these big beers in our larger capacity fermenters, as well as our most popular beer, the Ruud Awakening IPA. The Barley Wine Style Ale and the Imperial Stout are sealed in wax and better when allowed to age.  We recently won a gold Medal at the North American Brewer's Association for our Brewer's Reserve Impeial Stout.